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➤ The Common, Global System of Inscription-Reading of Ancient World




of Pictographic & Ancient Linear Scripture 



A step in the approach of Code of Inscription-Reading
of the godlike Drivers-Teachers of the Human Genous,
which unifies the panhuman written language and solves mysteries about the Hieroglyphics, the Chinese, the Linear writings, the Cuneiform writing, the Phaistos Disk, the... Aliens’ writings etc.

The Pictographic & Old Linear Writing is the First, Common Writing-Reading System of Ancient World.
  An our many years of research is looking for students to study and promote it, leaving behind the "YES! But…" and "Half job means nothing around something" of J.F. Champollion of  Hieroglyphics and of M. Ventris and J. Chadwick of Greek Old Linear Script and of G. Grotefend and H. Rawlinson of Cuneiform Script. Because the Pictographic and especially the Paleogrammic Inscription-Reading System of the Ancient World was not only tormented by the non-indication of the vowels but, in the evolution of time, by the infinite number of its composite and sometimes complex letters!

   Follow us! Help to complete a such serious case...
Do you know the Greek language?
ΑΚΟΛΟΥΘΗΣΤΕ μας, λοιπόν! 

  KNOW, firstly, the Greek World!
Ο Ελληνικός Κόσμος και ο Κατακλυσμός του Δευκαλίωνος  The Hellenic World and Deucalions Flood

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  KEEP the current, under review always,
 “The Common, Pictographic & Ancient Linear Alphabet of Ancient World”

  And CONTINUE, step by step, lesson by lesson, with

Open each lesson that follows from the e-Address that accompanies it...

INTRODUCTORY LESSON. Elements of the Pictorial, Icon-letters and Linear Scriptures of the Ancient World – Στοιχεία των ΕικονοΓραφικών, ΕικονοΓραμμάτων και Γραμμικών Γραφών του Αρχαίου Κόσμου

LESSON 1. The Achilles’ shield is… talking!

LESSON 2.  An alphabetical inscription from Dimeni’s walled City, before... 7000 years!

LESSON 3. A jar from Orchomenus of Boeotia with… Alphabetical Inscription! (Greece, 2nd millennium BC)


LESSON 4Two vessels from Ancient Egypt and Indus Valley (Pakistan) - 6.000 years old - with... Alphabetical Inscription!

LESSON 5. Two wine’s jugs from Ancient Greece with Alphabetical... decorative motifs!

LESSON 6. Etruscan wine’s jug with a Greek Abacus-Alphabet and… indication of use!

LESSON 7.The Monograms of Alexander the Great and of the Mother of God

LESSON 7a. Monograms of Alexander the Great of Philip – Μονογράμματα του Μ. Αλεξάνδρου του Φιλίππου

LESSON 8Earthen utensils from the Indus Valley until Ancient Greece and... today!


LESSON 8aMacedonian Staters and  Macedonians’s Language! – Μακεδονικοί Στατήρες και Μακεδόνων Γλώσσα! –

LESSON 9. Poetic of Hieroglyphics Points and… specialists Horapollo from Nilos and the Frenchman Champollion!


LESSON 10. The Lions Gate is… speaking! – Ancient Mycenae, Greece 

LESSON 11. Sanskrit, the Ancient Indian and the Hellenic Language!

LESSON 11a. Two similar inscriptions in pots from Ancient Greece and from Indus River Valley!

LESSON 12. Osteal tablets, internal documents from a Shopping Center with… Alphabetical Inscription! (4th millennium BC, Abydos, Ancient Egypt)

LESSON 13. Three Palaeo-Linear Inscriptions from Minoan Crete and the... fairy tales of the Linear Scriptures A΄ and B΄!

LESSON 14. The alphabetic inscription (7.000 years old!) on the sherd of Gioura – Alonissos, Greece 

LESSON 15. Two Stone Spoons from Kythera and from Minoan Troullos of Crete are… presented to us!

LESSON 16. Minoan inscribed Double Axes from Arkalochori, Crete Minoan Greece –


LESSON 17. Minoan figurine with inscribed supplication!

LESSON 18. An amphora from prehistoric Thebes of Boeotia with Alphabetical Inscription! (Greece, 2nd millennium BC)

LESSON 19Royal names-titles of Kings from Ancient World, Pictographic & Ancient Linear Scripture and the Frenchman Champollion!
LESSON 20. The Advertisement of a Surgeon Urologist-Andrologist, Therapist from Ancient Egypt (1350 BC) and the Hieroglyphs!

LESSON 21. The Temple-Tomb of Beauty for prayers, hymns and the Resurrection of Kalloni Queen from Ancient Egypt! (2000 BC)

LESSON 22. The inscribed ceramic utensils of Maya, the hieroglyphics and the Common of Writing of the Ancient World!

LESSON 23. Inscribed Jars 1000 to 7000 years old from around the World and the Common of Writing of antiquity!

LESSON 24. An inscribed stone table for sacrifices and hymns from Asterousia Mountains of Minoan Crete (Kofinas)

LESSON 25. The royal bowels’s case, two inscribed beverage’s containers and the Hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt!

LESSON 26. The Mystery of the Etruscans’s Language and the Greek, Pictographic & Ancient Linear Scripture System of the ancient World!

 LESSON 27. A royal bowels’s case for…  Tutankhamun from Ancient Egypt and the… Hieroglyphists!

 LESSON 28. The Reading of a Seal from the Indus River valey! – PaKiSTaN ~ sources of Indus river – (2.000 BC)

 LESSON 29. A royal box for the bowels of an undiluted... Tutankhamun and the… feat of modern Hieroglyfists!

 LESSON 30. Proof of Payment of Wheat & Fees from Inner Syria (Sumeria) – with the pre-cuneiform scripture (3500 BC) –

 LESSON 31. 5000 years old Hieroglyphics in Inscriptions from… Australia and the Common, Global System of Inscription-Reading of Ancient World! 

 LESSON 32. Exercises for... experts of Australian Hieroglyphics! – Pictographic & Ancient Linear Scripture –

 LESSON 33. "Goddess of Snakes" the Artemis Diktaena, the Isis! – Knossos 2nd millennium BC! –

 LESSON 34. The Coffin of Tutankhamun presents its self to us! – Ancient Egypt, 2nd millennium BC! Pictographic & Ancient Linear Scripture

LESSON 35. A… Tutankhamun’s Sarcophagus and Pictographic & Ancient Linear Scripture!  – Ancient Egypt, 2nd millennium BC! –

  LESSON 36. Seeking the Queen Nefertiti and King Akhenaten into the Tomb of a... lame Pharaoch! – Ancient Egypt, 2nd millennium BC –

  LESSON 37. Reading texts of Pictographic & Ancient Linear Writing of Ancient World (1)

LESSON 38. Two famous Palindrome(!) Greek Inscriptions

  LESSON 39. Horapollo the Alexandrian and the Greek Glossic Code of the Pan-Human Speech

 LESSON 40. The Throne of Minos, the Pharaonic Signs, the Asclepius, the flag of Communism and Islam, the ancient world and the old Linear Writing!

 LESSON 41. GreekChenese and Egyptian Zodiac Signs-Guides – Τα Ελληνικά, τα Κινέζικα και τα Αιγυπτιακά Ζώδια-Οδηγοί του Ετήσιου Κύκλου της Γης 

 LESSON 42. The Sun-Osiris, the Moon-Isis and the Ammon Zeus (Ο Ήλιος-Όσιρις, η Σελήνη-Ίσιδα και ο Άμμων Δίας)

 LESSON 43. I’m Nature ~ Goddess Isis, no mortal ever revealed my veil! Είμαι η ΦύΣιΣ ~ η Θεά ίΣιΣ, τον εμόν πέπλον ουδείς πω θνητός απεκάλυψεν! 

 LESSON 44. The sandals of Tutankhamen and the footstools of his foots! (Τα Σανδάλια του Τουταγχαμών και τα υποπόδια των ποδών του!)

 LESSON 45. Protection’s knot of King Tut’s tomb and protection’s forts of Myceneans and Egyptians! – O Δεσμός Προστασίας του Τάφου του Τουταγχαμών και τα Οχυρά Μυκηναίων και Αιγυπτίων! –

LESSON 46. Επιγραφές από τάφους, λειψανοθήκες και σαρκοφάγους Αιγυπτίων! – Inscriptions from tombs, shrines and reliquaries of Egyptians!

LESSON 47.  ΗΤ 114 και ΗΤ 118 δύο Πινακίδες από την Αγ. Τριάδα της Κρήτης με Παλαιογραμμική Επιγραφή!ΗΤ 114 and HT 118 two Minoan tablet from Haghia Triada with Old-Linear Scripture!

LESSON 48. Μονογράμματα του Έλληνα Θεού, Μ. Αλεξάνδρου του Φιλίππου! Monograms of the Greek God, of Alexander the Great of Philip!
LESSON 49. Μακεδονικοί Στατήρες και Μακεδόνων Γλώσσα! Macedonic Coins and the Macedonians’s Language!
LESSON 50. Το Χρυσό Δαχτυλίδι από το Μαύρο Σπήλαιο της Κνωσσού –Gold Ring from Mavro Spileo at Knossos– (KN Ζf 13)

LESSON 51. Σφραγιδόλιθοι από τα Εμπορικά Κέντρα της Μινωικής Κρήτης και της Κοιλάδος του Ινδού! –Seals from the Shopping Centers of Minoan Crete and the Indus Valley!–

LESSON 52. Προσωνύμια Ηγεμόνων & Θεών εξ Αιγύπτου και Παραγγέλματα Titles of Leaders & Gods from Ancient Egypt and Orders 


LESSON 53. Στοιχεία από Κατάσταση Εισπράξεως Τελών (Έσω Συρία, 2600 πΧ.) Data from fee collection list (Sumeria, 2600 BC)

LESSON 54. Τα παράδοξα της άγνοιας της γραφής του Αρχαίου Κόσμου The paradoxes of ignorance of the writing of the Ancient World

LESSON 55. The Resurrection of the ancient Gods of Light and the Reign of the Prudent, Mortal, Human on Earth  Η Ανάσταση των Λητώων Θεών του Φωτός και η Βασιλεία επί της Γης του Συνετού, Αεί Θνητού Ανθρώπου

LESSON 56. Introduction to primitive Chinese Writing System – Εισαγωγή στο πρωτόγονο Κινεζικό Σύστημα Γραφής-Αναγνώσεως – 原始汉字书写系统介绍

LESSON 57. Ο Υπολογισμός του όγκου της σκάφης ενός μύλου (Αρχ. Αίγυπτος, Πάπυρος της ΜόσχαςCalculation of the volume of the vessel of a mill (Ancient Egypt, Moscow Papyrus)

LESSON 58.Ο Ερμής, ο Ασκληπιός, οι Θεές των Όφεων και τα Σημεία τους Hermes, Asklepius, Goddesses of Snakes and their Emblems

LESSON 59. αΓαΘών οίΚοι, αΠοΘήΚες, ‘ΛιΜέΝες, ΚύΤη, ΦωΛεοί PoTs, JaRs, ‘NeSTs, CoNTaiNeRs

LESSON 60. Η Αιγυπτιακή Γραφή και το Τέλος των Γαλλικών... Επινοημάτων! – Egyptian Scripture and the End of... French Inventions! – L'Ecriture égyptienne et la fin des... Inventions Françaises!


LESSON 61.The Ship of the God-Sun! – Η Ναύς του Λητώου, του Θεού Ήλιου!

LESSON 62. Στοιχεία των ΕικονοΓραφικών, ΕικονοΓραμμάτων και Γραμμικών Γραφών του Αρχαίου Κόσμου Elements of the Pictorial, Icon-letters and Linear Scriptures of the Ancient World

 LESSON 63. Η Εικονογράμματη Γραφή μέσα από την ζωγραφική επί δοχείων The Picto-letteric Writing through painting on containers

LESSON 64. Η Εικονογράμματη & Παλαιογραμμική Γραφή, Δομή και Αδυναμίες Picto-letteric & Paleolinear Writing, Structure and Weaknesses

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