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Σάββατο, 22 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Revelation! The Mystery of the Burial of Great Alexander

του Κ. Ι. Μ π ο υ ζ ά ν η - by Κ. B o u z a n i s -

     The corpse of Alexander the Great, in decorated wooden coffin, on deathly chariot, following the Greek traditions, began the planned voyage to Aegae, the capital city of Macedonia. Until be ready a Monument for the veneration* and the burial, worthy of the King of Kings, the Lord of the East, of Great Alexander, the corpse will host on the majestic Hill of Kasta, after the relevant interventions, the Memorial Burial of the ruler of Amphipolis.
    The son of the Regent of Macedonia, Antipater, Chiliarch then Cassander, following a recommendation, he put guard at the Monument to prevent the theft of the body of Alexander, which they asked and the rulers, descendants, from Syria and Egypt.
      Eventually the coffin of the Great King not ever departed from the Monument of Amphipolis! There, destroyed! Night, thieves they put to sleep the guard, stole the corpse, they vandalized the Monument and smashed points! 
    From there begins the... unknown adventure of corpse Alexander. History, Himself Alexander, as Pilgrimage, will meet him in Egypt. The Archaeology, with advice of History, will recognize his cenotaph, excavated and buried beneath known Mosque!
   Losers in errors, dazed by deception, Unsuspecting, behind grimy counterfeiters and fraudsters, we are called to unravel the mystery of his life M. Alexander after his death and honoring the Intelligent Man, to uncover it!
* Unusual for the Greek manners! With 700 talents and military power, the "deification and the Adoration of the M. Alexander" had undertaken, the childhood friend, the Royal Treasurer, the Sarpalos of Mahata. The Sarpalos completed that... contract. He misled even and Demosthenes of antiFilippikon and captured, together with the Sarpalo from Veroia, the position that this exercise granted him!

Eventually Plutarch, Lord of Delphi, not enlightened us!
The reports on the burial of Alexander captured when,
formally formulated the Imperial Doctrine of
of the Lord of the East
and the Risen ... Alexander acknowledged God, Helper and Saviour of the Empire!

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