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Τρίτη, 4 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Read newest for Human Written Word!

του Κ. Ι. Μ π ο υ ζ ά ν η - by Κ. B o u z a n i s -
    When talking about the Human Language we mean 
the Universal Language, which we will discover and, studying, we will approach through dialects of nations and peoples.

The Common, Global System of Inscription - Reading of Ancient World

As a prep, download the following study. 

The Common, Global System of Inscription - Reading of Ancient World (bilingual version)
[the iCoNoGRaMMaΤi & PaLeoGRaMMiKi SCRiPTuRe]
english  http://bouzanis.blogspot.gr/p/the-common-global-system-of-i.html   

THE OLDEST ALPHABET [An early Hellenic Alphabet]

PHAESTOS DISC [the reading]

The Publication is completed,
with drills and the reading of relevant texts in PDF.

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