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Πέμπτη, 8 Ιανουαρίου 2015

The Olympic champion King Philip, the Caryatids and the Treasure of Amfipolis!

του Κ. Ι. Μ π ο υ ζ ά ν η - by Κ. B o u z a n i s -
Scene Triomphe!
High poetics the work and the design and the symbolisms!

Wreathed Olympic champion, the Lord of the Common of Greeks *, Philip, King of Macedonia, with the assistance of the Trader - Minos - Mercury, as the other one Theseus, "conquers" the seeding and trade of wheat, Persephone, daughter of Goddess of Grain and is being photographed with her, dragging her as trophy!

  -The ancient Greeks did not cry! They honor their heroes, living or deads, proud of their labors and their achievements!- 

The Caryatids, of beauty, wealth and Poets Poems!

The Poets, in Greece, always had the first ground! In each of your visit to Greece those must... listening

The Caryatids, sometimes like Daughters of Prices, throw flowers and with wreaths honor their gods and heroes, other times, as Daughters which bring the wealth from fields, bearing on head a bushel full of goods, fruits of the earth, with the meandering vine be poured out, adorn artifacts, and as Maenads accompaniment of God of wine, of son Semele or of Demeter, handing out the happiness of Dionysus juice, the wine.

The Macedonians are Greeks?
   A stupid question in the service of Geostrategic of 20th century! The construction of non-existent nations, power games and the struggle for the distribution of profitable Peoples ...
   If is not enough the cultural and linguistic footprints of Macedonian kings, then what is the value of truth in this world? The M. Alexander became ... Jew out of Egypt, not to support his worship and deification, a forgotten assumption, but to support the Imperial doctrine of the Eastern Roman Empire! The Great Alexander became ... Slav from Yorkso that the Young Nations, which are fighting each other, to steal legacy of Hellenism with forgery and the killing the main of heirs. 

   Macedonia **, in ancient times, it was called the City - State of Tierra of alite South Aksios! Perhaps, until now, not enough ... the "confession of Philip" before the League of Greeks in Corinth, and participation - success of Philip in the panhellenic Olympics Games nor the dedicatory inscription "Alexander Philip and the Greeks except the Lacedaemonians from barbarians of the Asian"nor the trail - involvement of teacher of humanity Aristotle in Macedonian Case and a thousand other relevant, ancient references *** as counterfeit histories. Comes today a photograph irrefutable, before the Court of history to ... talk and closed permanently on, every foolish or malicious debate.
Anyone who wants to be called Macedonian and to recognized as the heir of Philip and Alexander, forward! The Panhellenic Joint, of languages and cultures, fits all mankind! The language of the Panhellenic is the language of poets, scientists and sages. The language of the Panhellenic is the Reference Language of the universal Speech, of which all languages of the peoples and nations of the Universe are merely national idioms! The Balkans and the over our Country, the Ancient Europe of the Greek Poets, already have, and typically,  have reinstated in Common of Panhellenic!
*  Except the Lacedaemonians and of Demosthenes! Friends of the Persians and revilers of Philip and Great Alexander, they will not suspect ... the story and would not avoid the Nemesis! From these, the Spartans, will be rewarded with the... "except of the Lacedaemonians..." and much, much later, with the "curse of Alaric", whom as the Nikona - "Repent" will do ... holy and will adore him! The orator, having bribed by the Apostle of deification and of veneration of Great Alexander, the Sarpalo, will take a disgraceful condemnation and later the... hemlock!
**  Maketia, the land of the river Aksios.
*** See: ANCIENT MACEDONIA, The authentic history of the Macedonians, Research - Study: A. KRASANAKIS, Athens 2009  http://www.krassanakis.gr/macedonian%20history.htm


Do place!
Leave to speak the Poets and the Greeks!
- Said the Prophytis! -
[Prophytis = the Saboteur]

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