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Κυριακή, 29 Μαρτίου 2015

ouTiS = ouDeiS = the oDySseus! The None!

του Μ π ο υ ζ ά ν η Κ. - by B o u z a n i s Κ. -

ούΤιΣ = ουΔείΣ = ο οΔυΣεύς!
    If you really want to know what it means ... Odysseus, do not trust the modern connoisseurs nor lexicographers! Outside the Country of High Poetics circulates a tragic ... distorted world! Ask for it, the same the... Ulysses!
   ouTiS, is my name*! [ouTiS = The none]
So said that they say him, hero of Homeric literature! ouTiS = ouDeiS = the oDySseus!
   So, he said that call him at... active Volcano of Italy, the wretched oYDeiS, the other big Husband of the Homeric - conjugal Epics, on his journey back from Hesperia (Calypso) to Ithaca!
- Of course, a poetic name has multiple readings associated with the actions of the hero into the project! The related lemma was taken from the "Γραμματικό - Δομικό Λεξικό του Κοινού της Ελληνικής" ("Literal - Structural Dictionary of Common Greek") -
*The Odyssey of Homer (Ι. 364 - 367): «Κύκλωψ, ειρωτάς μ’ όνομα κλυτόν; Αυτάρ εγώ τοι / εξερέω· συ δε μοι δός ξείνιον, ως περ υπέστης. / Ούτις εμοί γ όνομα· Ούτιν δε με κικλήσκουσι / μήτηρ ηδέ πατήρ ήδ άλλοι πάντες εταίροι.»

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 – These the Prophytis said
 [Prophytis = Who cultivates the soil for the planting,   Underminer, Saboteurs.]

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