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Κυριακή, 20 Νοεμβρίου 2016

Earthen utensils for liquids from the Indus Valley until Ancient Greece and... today!


- The Ancient World is full of inscriptions with the Eikonogrammato & Palaiogrammiko system! -

and HERE, at those Vessel, is beating heart Protogeneias of Hellenism
(Caution! Do not misunderstand the meaning of the Hellenism)


Download - Peruse - Spread this:

" The CoMMon oF WRiTiNG-ReaDiNG SySTeM oF aNCieNT SPeeCH ",
which is based on the "Common Eikonogrammato and Palaiogrammiko Alphabet of the Ancient World"unifies the panhuman written language and solves mysteries about the Hieroglyphics, the Chinese, the Linear writings, the Phaistos Disk, the Aliens’ writings etc from:

   The engraved, carved or written decoration on utensils, tools, containers, jewelry, coins, votives, buildings, tombs, etc., anywhere, not constitute, exclusively, inspired artistic representations or symbols, such as at first sight seems on unsuspecting or illiterates... every era, but, very often, texts-inscriptions.
   These vessels from classical era or from prehistoric times, not bearing... symbols potters nor are decorated with artistic elements (geometric patterns), as taught by "experts" but… are speaking!
   In the beginning was the word! The reasonable person have voice, therefore, not writes... illustrators! 

We, here, will teach Eikonogrammati and Palaiogrammiki Scripture.

- We will must restore the Hellenism, said the Prophytis -
 [Prophytis = Underminer]


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