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Παρασκευή, 31 Ιανουαρίου 2014

PHAESTOS DISC [the reading]

The famous Phaistos Disc is a printed, per paragraph, synoptic report of actions, model for drafting documents from Administrators of Phaistos commercial center.

An "Actions Report" of a manager of the ancient
Phaistos Commercial Center

     "Simple the speech truth" and for the unraveling of the Ancient speaking mysteries needs a few simple words. Especially for the Phaistos Disk need two pages, two words quotes and sixty-one oligogrammates rows!
     In a mall, sure, they wrote various types of useful documents. The Phaistos Disc reveals a novel idea of convenience and elegance of printed text, which evolved into an ambitious project to forty five (45) miniatures, seals - elements, with their variety, letters.
    For reasons of economy, which does not seem to has be asked, could used the minimum number of stamps - seven (7), let we say - avoid the variety the complex letters, ie to has be implement a complete, one-to-one correspondence of main sounds and of signs of inscription & reading, and attempt to cover the exact inscription & reading of ancient speech.
   The inexperience of the typesetter, who betray the erasures, the corrections and the patches, putting us in thoughts. The compositor is literate or not? Is he the author of the text and writes "from breast" or dictation or he replicates from another text, which is written with the same or in the case of transcription, with another idiom of inscription eg the Palaiogrammiko? This document is a draft, it is a test or and remained one... attempt? That mean, after the corrections, erasures and interference, has not copied and consequently, was not destroyed and it assures us that he was a formal document for... Registry of Mortgages and not a medieval fairy tale - mystery for gullible and for every stupid.

  Original the Greek text

  THE OLDEST ALPHABET [An early Hellenic Alphabet]

  The Common, Global System of Inscription - Reading of Ancient World

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https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=E39B50D7D9EA3235&resid=E39B50D7D9EA3235% 21123 & app = WordPdf

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  1. Hello, I hope that you understand my message .I am sorry I do not speak Greek but just to thank-you for the comment on my blog about the Phaistos disc and wojld like to know what your comment was in English if possible. I am currently learning to read and write Linear B.