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Δευτέρα, 26 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Three Palaeo-Linear Inscriptions from Minoan Crete or about Linear A΄ and B΄ Scriptures and other... kind of nonsense!

– Knower of the poetics of ancient letters of Eikonogrammati and Palaiogrammiki Scripture

– The Ancient World is full of inscriptions with the Common, Global, Eikonogrammato & Palaiogrammiko System of Writing-Reading of ancient speech! –
  And here, at these pithos from Petras Siteia and Hagia Triada Crete, beats the heart of the unique Protogeneias Hellenism!
(Caution! Do not misunderstand the meaning of the Hellenism)

READ these:

Download - Peruse - Spread this:

" The CoMMon oF WRiTiNG-ReaDiNG SySTeM oF aNCieNT SPeeCH ",
which is based on the "Common Eikonogrammato and Palaiogrammiko Alphabet of the Ancient World"unifies the panhuman written language and solves mysteries about the Hieroglyphics, the Chinese, the Linear writings, the Phaistos Disk, the Aliens’ writings etc from:

The engraved, carved or written decoration on utensils, tools, containers, jewelry, coins, votives, buildings, tombs, etc., anywhere, not constitute, exclusively, inspired artistic representations or symbols, such as at first sight seems on unsuspecting or illiterates... every era, but, very often, texts-inscriptions.

The Written Word at these jars, associated with their specifications, and addressed to the managers of the shopping center or, even, at literate customers-buyers!

  From Jean-Francois Champollion (1790-1832), a French scholar, Orientalist, who considered today the father of Egyptology and from the British sages, M. Ventris and J. Chadwick... decipherers of the so-called Linear B, we will point out the confession of the failure of "YES! But other... more voiceless!" and "Half job means nothing around something"!
     Partly, then, the Hieroglyph Scripture of Ancient Egypt and Palaeogrammiki Scripture of Greeks have deciphered… successfully! - Someone had something to ... decrypt! -
  The Champollion, phenomenon intelligences (... French!), will find his own path through the Supreme Ruler and King, the Ptolemaios, and through Cleopatra, from Egypt of G. Alexander and when luck will not be able to follow him, he will  teach a dual Egyptian Marking and Reading System, based on vocal letters, this one, and the other an ideographic notation!
   He will offers the same... cleverness that, a century later, two other sages (... Englishmen!), M. Ventris and J. Chadwick, will decipher(!) the Palaeo Linear Scripture after cleavage of like Linear B΄... it sat for them, and in Linear A΄... it did not made the grace them and stayed to wait, in vain, an American... wisest!

 The reasonable person have voice, and in Prehistoric Globalized World, because of trade, could not change the Codes of systems of inscript and reading neither every thousand years!

 We, here, will teach Eikonogrammati and Palaeogrammiki Scripture.

Some affairs of Humanity is purely Greek affairs,
 – said the Prophytis! 
 [Profytevo = I am preparing  the soil to make the planting or, figuratively, to write the... history!
Prophytis = Who cultivates the soil for the planting,  Underminer.]


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